Term 3: Week 9 Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. 

Tuesday: On Tuesday, our school has been very busy preparing for our work through a school Expo. We showed our learning to each class. Then on the night we presented our work to our parents. After that we had to create a learning jigsaw puzzle and put five things we have learnt. My group did ours on Batteries or Potential Energy .                                                                                                                                                                        Some things I learnt about Batteries.

  • Batteries have three parts: Anode, Cathode and Electrolyte
  • The first batteries were created in 1798
  • Inventor of batteries was Alessandro Volta
  • Another name for a battery is called a Voltaic Cell
  • Batteries was invented before the electric generator

Energy Stored


 Maths: For maths this week we have been learning about Mean, Median and Mode.  Mean: Is the average of the numbers. You calculate all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are                                                                                                 Median: The number that is in the middle of the set. You arrange the numbers to ascending order.                                                                                                                       Mode: the mode is the number that occurs often in a set of numbers. 


Term 3: Week 5 Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog.

AFL: On Monday two players from the Hawthorn Football Club: Grant Birchall and Jed Anderson came to our school. They talked about themselves and healthy living. We did activities such as: marking, kicking goals, hand balling and relays.               

The Nutcracker: On Wednesday the grade 5/6s found out our characters for The Nutcracker. I got the role as Narrator 1. All the grade 6’s are the rock ‘n’ roll dancers. 




Maths: This week for maths we learnt how to use decimats. 



Term 3: Week 4 Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog.

This week we have been focusing our maths on decimals.                                                                          I revised that

  •  You should always put the decimal point first
  • You say the name not the number
  • The decimal point separates the whole number and the decimal

For spelling this week we had to make a Google sheet to put all the words we got wrong, for our spelling. We put a key for the words that we got right next to the words that we got wrong.



On Monday, a leader of the Hawks in schools program came to visit us and told us healthy living and how to eat healthy and exercise. He also gave us a diary to record how many hours of sleep we get, what we eat, how many glasses of water have we drank and what activities we do.


Term 3: Week 3 Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog.                                                                                                          So I’ll start my week with Monday. Our school had Italian Day. Our theme for this year was the Roman Empire, some people dressed up with togas, tunics, sandals etc. We did fun activities throughout the day, we also got to eat pizza and gelati. It was a fun day.


On Tuesday, we started a reading task, it was based on our Inquiry unit- Energy. My group did our’s on coal. We will get into our groups that are based on the same topic and talk about what our team question should be. 


Term 3: Week 2 Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog.                                                                                                 On Wednesday the grade 5/6’s classes went to an Emmaus Production, Beauty and the Beast. There was lots of singing, dancing, good props and everyone played their role well. At the end of the show all the characters went outside to greet us. It was great day, I enjoyed it.

On Thursday we had  an AFL Gala Day. Two football coaches came to the school and did a footy clinic. Each section of the school got to do footy skills with them. The 5/6’s did footy relays, short kicks and at the end of the session we played footy volleyball.

Term 3: Week 1 Weekly Reflection

Hi guys, welcome back to my Blog, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have got another post for you. At our school both grade 5 and 6’s have been set a task to reflect on their week. In this week we have have learnt Fractions of collections, Optical Illusion art, Reading groups, Inquiry about “Energise Australia.”


For this week’s maths our main topic was about Fraction of Collection. This is what I understand, first of all you need to know your fractions, factors and your times tables. You aslo need to know the formula for Fractions of Collection.                                                      


  1. Divide the Denominator by the whole
  2. Multiply the Numerator
  3. Subtract the whole number by the answer 
  4. Then you’ve got your answer

eg. Sam spent 3/8 of 1200. How much does he have left?                                                  

  1.  (1200 8)x 3=    
  2. 1200 8= 150
  3. 150 x 3= 450
  4. 1200 – 450= 750
  5. =750 

Week 10: Let’s say goodbye

Hi everyone, as you know Week 10 is the last week of the blogging challenge. I am going to evaluate my blog and the actual blogging challenge.

To start of with, I will evaluate my blog. I am very happy with what I have done. I have put all my best effort into all my posts. I have received eight comments that were from overseas, seven from my classmates and one from a teacher, I have 22 comments altogether. I posted eleven posts all together (including this one). One of my posts were school based and the rest were set by the challenge. The most comments I received on a post was five. I have five students on my blogroll (post).  I would give my blog a 9/10. Thanks every who commented and visited my blog.

Now I will evaluate the actual blogging challenge. Most of the challenges were easy but some were quite hard. The challenge that I enjoyed doing  was Week 8: Let’s travel. I enjoyed looking at other people’s blogs from other countries and commenting on their blogs. I would give the blogging challenge a 8/10


Camp 2015

Our 5/6s went to camp at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. We left on Monday morning and arrived back to school on Wednesday afternoon.

What we did

  • Watched Gold being purified
  • Watched the Blood on the Southern Cross
  • Went to the Education Centre
  • Panned for Gold
  • Went to the Gold Museum
  • Red Hill Mine tour
  • Watched “Butterballs” being made

Week 9: Let’s shine

For this weeks challenge I am going do some facts on Bottlenose Dolphins 


 Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common and well-known members of the family Delphindae. Dolphins often work as a team to harvest fish school,  but they also hunt individually.Bottlenose dolphins also use sound for communication, including squeaks and whistles emitted from the blowhole and sounds emitted through body language, such as leaping from the water and slapping their tails on the water surface.


Dolphins aren’t involuntary breathers like humans. They must consciously swim to the surface to take a breath. This means they can never fully sleep. One side of their brain must always be active so that they remember to breathe. They can hold their breath under water no longer than 7 minutes. When they inhale, they can exchange up to 80% of the contents of their lungs. Humans, by comparison, only exchange 17% of the air in their lungs when they breathe. 

Intelligence/ Cognition

 Cognitive abilities that have been investigated include concept information, sensory skills, and mental representations. Such research has been ongoing since the 1970s. This includes:

  • Acoustic and behavioral mimicry

  • Comprehension of novel sequences in an  artificial language 

  • Memory

  • Monitoring of self behavior

  • Discrimination and matching

  • Comprehension of symbols for various body parts

  • Comprehension of pointing gestures and gaze (as made by dolphins or humans)

  • Mirror self- recognition

  • Numerical values

Week 8: Let’s travel


Planning my trip

What will you need to pack? Remember weight limits when flying

Since the weather in Barbados is really hot/ warm, I would pack:

  1. Singlets
  2. T-shirts
  3. Shorts
  4. Bathers
  5. Dress
  6. Converse/Vans
  7. Sunnies
  8. Skirt
  9. Beach towel
  10. Toiletries
  11. Thongs/Sandals
  12. Book

How will you travel? 

Barbados is on the other side of the world so I will obviously travel by plane. I live in Australia and it would take me approximately 20 hours and 50 minutes. 

Where will you stay?

I found a hotel called Ocean Two Resort & Residences, I will be staying there for one month. The price each night is $280, if I stay there for one month it would be $8,400

On your way

What will my money buy?- exchange rates                                                                           1 Australian Dollar equals 1.58 Barbadian Dollar.

How much is a cup of coffee?                                                                                                    A cup of coffee in Barbados would cost $6.50

Teach us some of the language- eg How much is a cup of coffee? Where are the toilets?                                                  

 The people in Barbados speak in Bajan. It is an English- based language spoken on the Carribean island of Barbados.                                                                                                  eg.




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